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Own technology

We have our own technology to respond to your extraction, analysis and visualization needs, which we combine with open-source solutions to give you the best solution in cost and performance

Extract and process traffic at 100 Gbps

Detect-Pro is naudit's solution for passive packet-level traffic capture at actual speeds of 10, 40 or 100 Gbps. It offers an optimal price and performance platform adaptable to most monitoring requirements.

Traffic sniffer 100 Gbps Captura de tráfico a 100 Gbps

QoS-Poll for WIFI

QoS-Poll for WiFi allows to measure the performance of a WiFi network, from the real point of view of the quality perceived by a user.

Medidor calidad de servicio WIFI, Quality of service measurements WIFI


TeCLA is a tool for evaluating the quality of the end-user experience in remote and cloud interactive application environments (VDIs, CIAs, Cloud-Based Interactive Applications)

Tecla calidad de servicio VDI, end-user quality of experience measurement.
RTP Tracker

RTP-Tracker is naudit's solution for monitoring Voice over IP (VoIP) traffic. It is a system that combines hardware and software to analyze the signaling and record the calls that are made. 

RTPTracker VoIP quality measurements, monitorización de tráfico RTP

Hypercollector: Dashboards for 360 visibility

We have developed analysis modules and log processing, telemetry APIs, APM Open Telemetry, which combined with open-source products, offer complete visibility of your services

Log ingestion dashboard, recolector de logs, SIEM, AI SIEM


QoS-Poll for WAN allows measuring the typical quality of service parameters established in a network, being able to monitor the SLA agreed with the network operator.

Speedometer WAN, Medidor de ancho de banda.

Fermin and CyberFermin

Fermin and CyberFermin are tools for network detection and response (NDR) network detection and cybersecurity quality of service analysis. Discover CyberFermin

NDR, Network Detection and Response, Traffic analysis for cybersecurity
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