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Distrito financiero

360º visibility and cybersecurity with the best analysts and tools

We are dedicated to improving the quality and cybersecurity of your networks, systems and applications 

Quality of service analysis

Quality of customer experience with APM, advanced log analysis, and connection to telemetry APIs.


Discover our SmartSOC services

IT infrastructure performance analysis

Monitoring of networks, systems and applications of all kinds.


We have our own technology for capturing and analyzing traffic and logs. Discover  CyberFermin .

proactive alarm

Use of artificial intelligence techniques for proactive alarming and automatic insertion of tickets.

advanced analytics

Analysts with more than 20 years of experience in techno-economic analysis of IT infrastructures, including optimization, migrations and others.

Some of our clients in Spain and LATAM

Monitoring and cybersecurity success stories, casos de éxito en monitorización y ciberseguridad
Cibersecurity ATM


ATM network

We detect and correct fraud in a large international ATM network.

Quality of service in networks


Wi-Fi quality

We certify the quality of the WIFI in a project with more than 16,000 connected schools.

Savings in datacenter


System sizing

We saved over three million dollars on a major datacenter renovation project.

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